The Dublin Region Watermains Rehabilitation Project has been established to assist in reducing leakage by identifying and replacing the old watermains that have outlived their usefulness.


3-minute video - why and how the project is delivered

What's being done?

Information phone line: 1890 882 410

Informational phone line is operational between 9am-5pm with a message service out of office hours.

Alternatively you can email us here.

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Find out more about replacing the old and leaking water main on Kimmage Road West





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Why Conserve Water?

It is an important question to begin with. Why should we worry about water in Ireland? Doesn’t it rain enough all year round to supply us with enough water to use?

While the Dublin Region is fortunate in having a number of water sources, this water must be treated at considerable cost and transported through over 8,000 km of watermains before it gets to our taps.

It therefore makes sense that this treated water is not wasted through leaking watermains or excessive consumption.

Consequently, water conservation is a very important issue and there are a number of ways conservation can be achieved.

Download Project Leaflet.

July '07 - The Dublin Watermains Rehabilitation leaflet is now available for download in the following langauages: